Born to be Mild (2 stars)

This article is from 2012

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Likeable cynic's references fall flat

Lawyer turned comedian and general Mr nice guy Andrew Watts accepts that much of the material in his past shows has surrounded himself and his life as a single man. Recently however, Watts has managed to become romantically involved, and despite a deep cynicism towards the whole thing, he appears delighted with the development. With such a change occurring in his life however, Watts has now got to re-write his show coming from a whole new angle.

Throughout the performance Watts displays a deep wealth of knowledge and at times such high brow references fall flat; “I have seriously misjudged my demographic” is the comics utterance on more than one occasion. Although displaying a keen eye when it comes to his topics of discussion, the delivery of the show is regularly found wanting as the comic's intrinsically shy persona causes him to struggle with one-on-one confrontations in what is the most intimate of surroundings.

The Shack, 226 4311, Until 25 Aug, 5pm, £7--£3.50

Born to be Mild

  • 2 stars

Andrew Watts used to be single, and he used to tell jokes about being single. Now he isn't, and his comedic world has collapsed. Come and watch the reconstruction process. 'Stand-up laced with a cerebral cutting edge' ★★★★ (ThreeWeeks). 'An enticing blend of honest storytelling and dark humour' (Independent on Sunday).