It's Grimm Up North (1 star)

This article is from 2012

It's Grimm Up North

Animated character grotesques set in Northern fictional town Hardington leave you cold

The first two episodes of this animated series introduce us to a handful of characters - through stories based on fairy tales and fables - who live in the fictional town of Hardington. The animation is distinctive and quirky and the first film in particularly has a lovely eerie air to it, but a fundamental problem lies in the characterisation of the two protagonists. When creating such vile creatures who don't receive their comeuppance (at least not in these episodes) it's important to include something else – a hint of a vulnerability, empathy or make them damn funny. But in Gideon Gold and Billy Roundy, so successfully created are these grotesques, they just leave you cold. But even more disturbing is that in the opening sequence of the first film there is a star of David on the sign above Gold's meat shop - coupled with the fact that the name Gideon is a Hebrew one - is there a suggestion here that this miserly, odious character is Jewish?

theSpace @ Symposium Hall, 0845 557 7475, until 25 Aug, 3.10pm & 10.10pm, £6-£8 (£5).

It's Grimm Up North

  • 1 star

Unique … brand new … a Fringe first … Edinburgh’s only animated comedy. Once upon a time there were only stand-ups and sketch shows… but now we present cartoon humour and parody, inspired by fairytales, fables and films. Come and see the world premiere of It’s Grimm Up North, a series set in the fictional northern town of…