Phil Nichol Rants! (4 stars)

This article is from 2012

Phil Nichol Rants!

Mercurial Canadian comedian rages, blusters, fumes and seethes

The hard-working, hyperactive Fringe veteran, who’s also appearing in his Comedians Theatre Company production of the play The Intervention, can hardly contain everything he wants to say within this single hour of stand-up. And he doesn’t. Before the show begins, as the audience are still taking their seats, the mercurial Canadian comedian is running a pre-show, mic-less routine. And when he concludes his exhaustive - and quite exhausting - performance 55 minutes later, Nichol can’t bring himself to let the show be over, and so he keeps returning to the stage until, finally, the house lights go up, at which point he relocates to the exit to get a few final, final words in.

In between those extracurricular sections that bookend the show, Nichol rages and blusters and fumes and seethes and shouts about what seems to be everything under the sun that’s daft, ridiculous and inane, beginning and ending with too much information on crisp packets. Which is a nice self-referential conceit for a comic who can’t talk enough.

Assembly Rooms, 0844 693 3008, until 26 Aug, 9pm, £10 (£9).

Phil Nichol Rants!

  • 4 stars

Phil Nichol / The Assembly Rooms. A delightfully comical collection of silly rants on almost every ludicrous topic imaginable takes you on a riotous exploration of our laughable existence, from the mind-numbingly tedious to the charmingly absurd. Multi-talented Phil Nichol, in this, his 14th solo show at the Fringe…

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