Tim FitzHigham - Stop the Pigeon (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Tim FitzHigham - Stop the Pigeon

Grandiose storytelling from likeable madman

Stemming from the modern take on epic storytelling made popular in the noughties by Dave Gorman and Danny Wallace types, FitzHigham’s gimmick relies on accepting silly bets: if you engineer a ridiculous situation, your Fringe show will come.

William Douglas, Fourth Duke of Queensberry, was a prolific gambler in his time and the man from whom our protagonist takes inspiration. The situation: to make a letter travel 50 miles in one hour only using means available in the Duke’s time. His rambling explanation takes some time to warm up, but once he hits his stride, FitzHigham is an engaging spinner of stories and his breathless monologues are nicely broken up by video snippets that enhance the action. A number of convenient obstacles enhance the tension, but the nature of these shows means there’s a lingering air of doubt: how much is true and how much artistic license? Still, his likeable enthusiasm means you can’t not root for the guy and, despite a predictable pay-off, this story of one madman’s triumph against pointlessness is bound to raise a smile.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 65550, until 27 Aug, times vary, £11--12.50 (£10--11).

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Tim FitzHigham: Stop the Pigeon

  • 3 stars

Get Comedy. The true Spirit of the Fringe, multi award-winning, Perrier-nominated comedian, author, explorer and air recycler Tim FitzHigham is back with a brand new show and his most dangerous gamble ever. Tim is a man with bad ideas - he rowed the Channel in a bathtub, now he takes on his greatest challenge to date.

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