Tony Law (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Tony Law

Surrealist banter misses by a hat stand

There’s something very frustrating about Tony Law. At times, he feels like an on-form Canadian Eddie Izzard with magical surrealism sliding almost effortlessly from his mouth; other times he’s awkward and stumbling around as though he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing: like a stand-up Peter Crouch.

Law bounds on, dressed in children’s TV Technicolor garbs and topped with a haircut borrowed from Cecil Terwilliger (aka Sideshow Bob’s brother). Strangers to the Law schtick might take a while for their eyes and ears to adjust, but by the end you will either have been serenaded by his choreographed drivel or led a merry dance to your utter annoyance.

No one who attends Maximum Nonsense will get the closing tune out of their head for a good day or two. But then Law’s musical tribute to his inability at finding a good ending to his show does go on and on and on. Similarly, his opening salvo is also an overly elongated routine about another of his inabilities: to do blokey banter. His natural rambling hits a better mark when he’s discussing Vikings and his changed lifestyle but the finale leaves a sour, slightly annoyed taste.

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