David Trent - Spontaneous Comedian (2 stars)

This article is from 2012

David Trent - Spontaneous Comedian

Unoriginal, uncontroversial, unfunny

This schoolteacher has come to the Fringe with plenty of hype behind him but his multimedia Spontaneous Comedian is a befuddling affair. You know someone is in trouble when they constantly refer to jokes that usually get bigger laughs (slap on wrist, naughty audience) but what do you expect when you’re using X Factor clips as a source for some devastating satire? And it’s quite a risk to have a clip of Chris Rock playing to emphasise a rather silly point about a story from 2010: even third-rate Rock is going to be by far the funniest thing to happen in this hour.

David Trent makes great play in justifying the word ‘spontaneous’ in the title: it’s wholly ironic, he tells us, considering his show has taken months of intricate planning given its highly technical nature. And even in 2012, we are supposed to be fooled by the obligatory ‘has it all gone a bit wrong?’ moment planted there to try and manufacture a bit of tension among the crowd.

No, an ironic ‘spontaneous’ is fine, it’s the other word in the title that falls apart under closer scrutiny. There’s an unspoken word in that title, too: controversial. For those who think his use of pornography is daringly original, here are two words: ‘Noble’ and ‘Silver’.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 27 Aug, 10.45pm, £9.50--£12 (£8--£10.50).

David Trent - Spontaneous Comedian

  • 2 stars

Phil McIntyre Management. David Trent has a computer and a projector, which he uses to make phenomenal comedy. He was in the 2011 Barbican New Act of the Year final. He did not win it. This is his Edinburgh debut. It will blow your mind. He wrote this himself. ‘His use of video, animation and repetition is brilliant and…

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