Rhys Darby, Sean Hughes and more share their fest highlights

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  • 21 August 2012

This article is from 2012

Rhys Darby, Sean Hughes and more share their fest highlights

Some final Fringe recommendations from performers including Billy the Mime and Chris Ramsey

Some of the comedians we have most heavily praised over the last few weeks get the chance to choose a thing about this year’s festival that they loved

Rhys Darby

Find of the festival for me was Two Cornish Rappers and a Casiotone from Hedluv and Passman. It is the perfect Fringe show: lo-fi technology mixed with hi-fi dancing. If Murray Hewitt was here he would certainly be approaching them about management.

Susan Calman

My favourite thing was seeing Barbara Nice’s show at the Assembly Rooms. It’s the most joyous hour I’ve ever spent. I was happy for a whole day which, for the Fringe, is a record.

Chris Corcoran of Committee Meeting

Doing a show at 1.30pm is awesome. Watching Elis (James) become more comfortable in the calloused, leathery, turps-soaked skin of a 90-year-old caretaker than he is in his own has been remarkable. And Josie Long’s show is absolutely brilliant; her stuff on the Tories coming to power is worth the ticket price alone.

Sean Hughes

I just saw a man dressed as a clown unintentionally trip himself up on the way to his show and the world just felt a better place.

Nish Kumar

Having a quiet coffee in Kilimanjaro on Nicolson Street. It’s a peaceful way to start the day. That wasn’t the most rock’n’roll answer, was it? Also all the yummy drugs that I eat and all the girls I kiss.

Iain Stirling

My highlight is probably the fact that I’m getting to do stand-up and kids’ TV simultaneously. In the space of 24 hours I’ve found myself screaming at pissed people in Late’n’ Live at 3am, had five hours sleep and then gone on to present Blue Peter the next day.

Chris Ramsey

Performing a closing set at The Horne Section has been the highlight of my festival. I conducted the band (who are unbelievably talented) into an impromptu rendition of a classic 90s TV show theme tune as the crowd all joined in: ‘Yo homes to Bel-Air!’

Tom Flanagan of KAPUT

Helping out fellow performers is what the Fringe is made of. Some do it by promoting others shows at the end of their own. Others share equipment or freight costs. The other night I was moving a rather large musical instrument from the Underbelly’s Dairy Room to the BBC tents to help out some friends, when my personal favourite moment took place: using a 2.4m x 1.2m flat bed trolley as a skateboard and bombing the hill past the cow in Bristo Square. Brilliant.

Pat Burtscher

My roommate bought a VCR and 20 VHS classics for under £10. Suck it Blu-ray and DVD, your overpriced days are numbered!

Billy the Mime

My favourite festival thing was standing in a dark, damp, subterranean man-made cave where Burke & Hare used to store dead bodies and present an hour of the most universally hated art form of the 21st century.

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