Interview: Mike Mcshane on Mon Droit at 2012 Edinburgh Fringe

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  • 22 August 2012

This article is from 2012

Mike Mcshane ... only image on server from 2004!

Show draws from story of American Royal obsessive

What drew you to the story of Robert James Moore (an American who came to London because of his obsession with the Queen and ended up dying alone in St James’s Park)?

The lack of details about his life contrasted with the hard facts about his death. And I had a friend who struggled with his medications and eventually lost.

Did you have to do a lot of research when writing the piece?

The condition Robert Moore had, De Cleremabault’s Syndrome took some research along with what would have been some of his medications. I wanted to get that right.

You’re famous for your improvisation skills. Did you draw on those when writing the play?

Tom Salinsky, an improviser as well as now playwright with Coalition had a good observation, that improvisation makes you less likely to hold on to something just because you wrote it down. Hopefully you’re less precious with your ideas. I am now a professional re-writer, which is fine as long as your fellow actors and director aren’t waiting for you to stop fixing everything. [Co-star] Suki Webster and John Nicholson, my director, were very patient with me, thank Christ.

What next for Mon Droit? Do you plan to tour?

There has been positive critical response and growing houses and I’d like to do three things: expand it into a 90-minute play, create a radio drama with it, and I’ve already started drawing it as a graphic novel, and some of the proceeds from that could go to Mr Bird’s fine publication, The Big Issue. So one of those three options is entirely in my hands and the others require the Blanche Du Bois appeal.

Mon Droit, Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 27 Aug, 2pm, £10–£11 (£9–£10).

Mon Droit

Who was the American that came to London for the love of a Queen, only to end up as a skeleton in St. James's Park? Meet Robert James Moore, far from home and without his medication. A new play from Mike McShane, with Mike McShane as Robert James Moore and Suki Webster as the United Kingdom. All ages. Mike McShane.