Matthew Crosby (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Matthew Crosby

Slightly stilted affair from an otherwise very funny man

Given the majesty of this year’s main Pappy’s show, we can surely forgive Matthew Crosby (the small, bespectacled, beardy one of the trio) if he’s not firing on the same number of cylinders that powered his 2011 solo debut. Even so, he is able to deliver a thoroughly enjoyable hour of multimedia-led comedy about how you might go about improving your life, though really, is it worth the hassle?

Ah, yes, the M word. If you play with fire you have to expect to get burned now and again, but the crowd collectively clench as Crosby appears to have a serious technical hitch. Initially, of course, we are programmed to assume this is some meta-comedy prank that will play its way out before we get back on track. But no, this setback is the real deal as Pleasance staff run back and forth to find a solution (or perhaps a loose wire to fiddle with). The relief is palpable (not least from Crosby himself) when the laptop finally kicks back in.

Perhaps he never fully recovers from that early shock as his routines about wildlife photography, height (his own lack) and WikiHow are full of merriment but don’t feel especially vital. Still, this is Matthew Crosby and there are some hilarious bits such as the Paranormal Activity prank he plays on his girlfriend which goes awry.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 27 Aug, 4pm, £10--£12 (£8.50--£10.50).

Matthew Crosby is Matthew Crosby in Matthew Crosby (The Show)

  • 3 stars

Matthew Crosby, from sketch favourites Pappy's, returns with a new show. He'd love you to join him. Last year was a sell-out success with a string of four and five star reviews. This year, who knows? What we do know is that Matthew has appeared on Never Mind the Buzzcocks and 8/10 Cats and that he's written for Mock The…