Felicity Ward: The Hedgehog Dilemma (4 stars)

This article is from 2012

Felicity Ward: The Hedgehog Dilemma

High-speed hour of breathless laughs from charismatic comedienne

One way to freshen up material about relationships is to frame it in a cute thought experiment. Imagine two hedgehogs getting ready for winter. Do they cuddle together, and risk hurting each other with their spines? Or do they sit apart, not getting hurt or hurting anybody else, but risking becoming cold and lonely?

This is mostly an excuse to project some adorable animal pictures onto a big screen, but the rest of the show is a tightly-paced journey through Felicity Ward’s disastrous relationship history and alcohol addiction.

More Brendon Burns than Tina Fey, but only just, Ward delivers a killer show about the ludicrous optimism of early relationships, the humiliation of moving back in with your mum when they end, and the surreal ways you piece yourself together afterwards.

Normally a cringingly candid one-woman show is the sort of thing you’d want to run away from at high speed, but Ward is so charismatically theatrical, and so committed to keeping the good jokes rolling, that what you get is not mere squirmy over-sharing, but a filthy, high-speed hour of breathless laughs.

Underbelly Bristo Square, 0844 545 8252, until 27 Aug (not 13), 10pm, £10--£12 (£9--£11).

Felicity Ward: The Hedgehog Dilemma

  • 4 stars

What is it? Trying to wear tiny jackets over your spikes? Or every time you get close to somebody, you might get hurt? After discovering this analogy for human intimacy Felicity pondered, 'What kind of hedgehog am I?’ and then she wrote this show. ****1/2 'side-splittingly funny and so honest it hurts' (Age). ****1/2…