Uninvited (2 stars)

This article is from 2012.


Ambitious production fails to spring to life

Our unnamed protagonist, obsessed by order and routine, returns home from work to discover a stranger in his house. So he makes him a cup of tea. But that’s the least of his worries: the talking wallpaper seems to have opinions on everything, and his only hope for salvation lies in a bird-feeding woman and her madeira cake.

Fat Git Theatre’s enigmatic show, an adaptation of the novella of the same name by Tyneside writer Peter Mortimer, seems to belong in the same English absurdist tradition as NF Simpson, but it has a far darker edge than that writer’s surreal whimsy. It’s an ambitious production, with live sound effects, an elaborate set and costumes, and a cast of seven, but ultimately it feels a little thin and spun-out at its hour length. There’s probably a message about spontaneity threatening comfortable routine in there somewhere, but it’s rather hidden among the lengthy pauses and rather approximate acting. It’s an intriguing tale, but it needs a tighter and more compelling production than this one to bring it properly to life.

Bedlam Theatre, 225 9893, until 25 Aug, 2pm, £8 (£7).


  • 2 stars

A stranger is sitting in your house, whistling. He’s drinking the tea, he’s doing the washing up and he’s got his eyes on the egg whisk. Outside? A cul-de-sac full of gym-attending, pub-drinking, socially-able show offs. Inside? Wallpaper that won’t stop talking, and him … and then of course there’s her, and salvation in…


1. Tom Tavener27 Aug 2012, 11:30pm Report

I could not disagree more with the review of Uninvited on your site. I saw the show 2 days after your reviewer on Wednesday the 22nd of August and I thought it was the by far the best show I saw at the Fringe this year.
It was challenging, funny, surprising, fresh, involving, and brilliantly characterised, written and performed by an enthusiastic group of very talented actors.
I would recommend everyone who can to do everything possible to get to see one of the 3 shows scheduled to be performed in London next month or risk missing out on something very special and original !

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