La Clique Royale - The Queen’s Selection (4 stars)

This article is from 2012

La Clique Royale - The Queen’s Selection

Photo: Douglas Robertson

A night out with the bawdy and the beautiful

Meet the cast of freaks and uniques who gather nightly inside the wooden walls of the Spiegeltent, bathed in red lamplight, for a cabaret show with a couple of dark twists. There’s Agent Lynch – doing a sort of ‘Heidi does Carry On’ turn involving tiny cowbells, the tune of ‘Edelweiss’ and a pint of milk. And a fairly unexpected punch-line to her ditsy routine. Then there’s Mark Windmill (pictured), a bulked-up Marc Jacobs lookalike with his birds of paradise boylesque feather striptease. Mikelangelo, the self-dubbed ‘Balkan Elvis’, adds jaded weariness to his rude crooning, and Didj Wentworth writhes about gracefully on aerial straps, bare-torsoed and showered with rain (a toned-down version of the bath routine he used to perform as part of Soap! The Show).

TV magician Paul Zenon acts as a sort of comedy ringleader, compering the acts and adding tricks with everyday props including a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale and a bowling ball. A Queen Elizabeth doppelganger tops and tails the show, putting the blue into blue rinse with her bawdy gags.

The Famous Spiegeltent, 0844 693 3008, until 26 Aug, 9.30pm, £20 (£17).

La Clique

  • 3 stars

La Clique / The Famous Spiegeltent. The outrageous, unforgettable, five-star La Clique returns to Edinburgh for the world premiere of its new show. A magical cabaret like no other, La Clique was born in 2003 and went on to scoop a whole host of awards, including an Olivier, before travelling the world playing to sell-out…