Sammy J & Randy - The Inheritance (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Sammy J & Randy - The Inheritance

Triumph of style over substance

Yes, it’s funny that a purple puppet might swear and drink and smoke. And it’s probably amusing that he would hang out with a socially inadequate skinny nerd. But once you get used to those facts, and have nodded in admiration at the production values (the haunted house set works nicely) the new Sammy J and Randy show doesn’t really have a huge amount left to fall back on.

The Inheritance is a rather humdrum affair which kicks off with Randy (as manhandled by Heath McIvor) discovering he is the heir to a vast baronial pile while the pair fill out a census form. But there are inevitable stumbling blocks placed in his path and a twist that you could see coming from a brief skim of the synopsis.

A massive and malevolent gnome is introduced into proceedings which looks as though it’s come straight off the set of Spirited Away while the running catchphrase of ‘it was a different time back then’ becomes fairly tedious on its second airing. Hats off though for the Princess Diana commemorative oven glove and the seemingly ad-libbed shadow puppetry sequence.

Underbelly, Bristo Square, 0844 545 8252, until 27 Aug, 6.05pm, £13–£15 (£12–£14).

Sammy J and Randy - The Inheritance

  • 3 stars

A brand new adventure from everyone's favourite multi award-winning, toe-tapping, song-singing, Hep-C-riddled duo! When Randy discovers he is heir to an enormous fortune, he seeks to reclaim his rightful throne. Will Sammy J stand in his way? Probably. Winners of Best Show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Creators of the…

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