Sam Fletcher - Good on Paper (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Sam Fletcher - Good on Paper

Weird and wacky mix of magic and music

There has been a surge in self-deprecating geeky comics over the last few years, reflecting a kind of postmodern twist of fate. Being a nerd has become cool, and Sam Fletcher’s weird and wacky show – a mix of crude magic, flipchart proposals and ‘dad jokes’ – is a fine example.

Good on Paper dispels all myths about the quality of free comedy. As with most unpriced shows, there are high levels of audience interaction and participation, initiated by sweets and handmade programmes which are distributed by Fletcher himself. This personal and intimate atmosphere is lost in stadium gigs and overlooked by more established comics, ones who would happily charge us a small fortune.

Fletcher has created a quirkily genuine show, as he scrambles from surreal finger-puppet routines to silly slapstick. There are some attempts which fall flat though, and while Fletcher tries to deliberately make things a bit awkward, it ruins the momentum. If he can augment the effective prop-based sections and trim the bland musical ones, he could have something truly novel.

Bannermans, 226 0000, until 25 Aug, 12.30pm, free.

Sam Fletcher - Good on Paper

  • 3 stars

Sam Fletcher / PBH's Free Fringe. Right - so here’s my first proper thing on the Fringe. I will be delivering a handsome collection of uplifting, charming drivel involving jokes, drawings, conjuring, a song about shoes, etc. ‘I really like the things Fletch says and the way he says them and also I like his face’ (Alex…