Going Green the Wong Way (2 stars)

This article is from 2012

Going Green the Wong Way

Joyous but ultimately pointless one-woman eco-show

Displaced San Franciscan Katrina Wong is a dedicated environmentalist: her school-age performance poetry about the rape of Mother Earth gave way to her first job canvassing for conservationist organisation the Sierra Club; in recent years, she invested in a vegetable oil-powered car. While she has suffered some setbacks – notably the 2006 explosion of the aforementioned vehicle – Wong has remained committed to the cause of eco-conscious living.

Wong is a great performer – cheery, charismatic and not afraid of lampooning some of her earlier antics (a mid-show presentation about the sexiness of reusable sanitary products is a particular highlight). The show itself though feels kind of directionless – it’s not consistently funny enough to be stand-up, not dramatic enough to be theatre, and contains no conclusions or revelations that would highlight it as an environmental call to arms. Wong wraps up the show by declaring she has managed to live car-free in LA for four years, and while this is obviously a great achievement for her, it leaves the audience shrugging their shoulders and asking, ‘So what?’

Venue 13, 07074 201313, until 25 Aug, 7pm, £8 (£5).

Going Green the Wong Way

  • 2 stars

One of America’s funniest eco-comedians' (mnn.com). 'A hoot!'(Miami Herald). Who said environmentalism was serious? GGTWW is American public media/marketplace/radio commentator Kristina Wong’s hilarious tour de force comedy about her hysterical triumphs and pitfalls in sustainable living. She tracks her journey in the…

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