Man 1 Bank 0 (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Man 1 Bank 0

Patrick Combs takes on the money men

Half the challenge of putting on a great show at the Fringe is about finding a great story, and Patrick Combs certainly has that. Better still, it’s true. A young man, with a sea of credit card debt, deposits a $95,093.35 junk mail cheque into his local bank, as a prank. But the joke is on the branch when they accidentally cash it.

Combs may announce himself via the screen behind him as ‘not an actor’ but such are his energy levels and narrative skills that this one-man show captures the imagination and runs with it, as Combs -- and the bank -- realise the repercussion of his actions.

A largely humorous romp, the story’s David and Goliath aspect provides a powerful tool as Combs encourages his audience to experience every emotional high and low with him. It could easily have been shaved back to an hour in length, but there’s more than enough here to keep the audience entertained.

Gilded Balloon, 622 6552, until 26 Aug, 5.15pm, £10.50--£12.50 (£9--£11).

Man 1, Bank 0

  • 3 stars

Amazing, hilarious and true. Patrick Coombs deposited a fake $95,093.35 junk mail cheque into his bank account as a joke. It cleared. This outrageously funny David and Goliath tale of Man vs Bank is told by the man it actually happened to - ‘this guy’s got star power’ (Variety) – and it's a comedy adventure that will…

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