Clinton The Musical (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Clinton The Musical

Ex-president inspires high-energy, catchy musical from talented ensemble

Former United States president Bill Clinton should offer any theatre production – let alone an all-singing, all-dancing musical – some great inspiration for material is a given. But, from his inauguration through to his sexual relations with ‘that woman’, brothers Paul and Michael Hide tell the story of two Clintons here – one the promiscuous, randy Billy, the other the more socially-conscious William Jefferson Clinton. There’s high-energy here from the off, from an engaging, talented ensemble making good use of a relatively small, pared down space to sing, dance and guffaw their way around the highs and lows of Clinton’s outrageous (mis)fortunes.

The ideas here are largely strong, the Hillary, Lewinsky and Ken Starr-inspired laughs coming thick and fast. The yin and yang, too, of Clinton’s personality is played out to nice comedy effect. And while some of the dialogue is a little hit and miss, the show’s catchy songs and first-rate performances hint at a show with great potential to grow.

Gilded Balloon, 622 6552, until 27 Aug, 1pm, £10 (£9).

Clinton the Musical

  • 3 stars

It's hard enough being the president by yourself. Bill Clinton's problem is that there are two of him. In 1993, America voted for one Bill Clinton and elected both of them. What followed was eight years of success and scandal. The two Bills help, hinder and heckle each other in their struggle with marriage, impeachment…

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