As Ye Sow (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

As Ye Sow

Strong performances and mounting tension in well-conceived ghost story

Without the use of special effects horror can be quite tricky to bring to the stage with the result that ghost stories are usually the sub-genre of choice for the theatre. The audience can fill in the gaps that clever editing or CGI would usually accomplish on the silver screen.

Stewart Pringle has wisely written a piece set in a single location in real time in which the protagonist, Clifford (Jeffery Mayhew), adjusts to life in a retirement home. Are the ominous noises and flickering lights the imaginings of a confused old man or is there something supernatural at work?

The cast are a bit hesitant at first but ultimately there are strong performances from everyone involved. Combined with the clever use of lighting and sound they build the tension, creating a world where darkness lurks beneath a veneer of civility. Reminiscent of Tales of the Unexpected or classic radio series Fear on Four the final reveal, while not particularly original, is very nicely handled with an ending that will leave you gasping for breath (even if it is a bit of cheap shot).

Pleasance Dome, 556 6550, until 27 Aug, noon, £10--£11.50 (£8--£10).

As Ye Sow

  • 3 stars

An old man sits rotting in a run-down care home. His favourite son never visits, the television's on the blink and strangers come into his room at night. As his mind slowly fragments, a fear he thought long buried begins to drag itself from the earth. Hitchcockian psychodrama meets the supernatural tradition of MR James…

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