Simple Matters (2 stars)

This article is from 2012

Simple Matters

Clowning around becomes a comedy of errors despite clear talent

This international troop of clowns present mime and physical comedy and, though skilled, grossly misread the audience to a less than comedic effect. Relying on 'volunteers', interaction that could work with a boozy, up-for-it Saturday night crowd comes across as aggressive in the face of a small lunchtime audience. During the performance one group felt so uncomfortable they walked out after 15 minutes. While the performers could have toned down their audience antics, they showed remarkable rigidity of what is surely one of the artforms most conducive to improvisation and continued to alienate the remaining viewers.

The troop is clearly talented with two skits standing out: a strong-women routine showcasing some excellent contortion skills, and a witty little love story involving an apple and a bed of nails. The rest of the segments displayed an exhausting fixation on toilet humour with no sign of the social satire promised by the programme. The few bits that work aren't enough to enliven a dull hour of miscalculated comedy and audience harassment.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 622 6552, until 26 Aug, 1.30pm, £10--£11 (£9--£10).

Simple Matters

  • 2 stars

In times of social upheaval, when faced with economic, political, and spiritual uncertainty, historically society has always turned to the clown for perspective. Well … here we are! Sorry if we're a little late. Without red noses, five clowns from four countries take you on a journey through the miraculous unravelling of…

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