Call Me! (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Call Me!

Accurate and amusing portrayal of dating in the modern world fails to avoid clichés and sentimentality completely

The interweaving lives and loves of three single girls and one new couple come together to create a scarily accurate portrait of dating in the modern world. Essentially split into two sections, there’s a interesting distinction between the early section of the play, consisting solely of a series of phone calls, voicemail messages and missed connections as each girl struggles with their unique romantic situation, and the latter half which connects each of the girls at a seminar run by a hippy dippy instructor who forces them to come to terms with their insecurities.

The action jogs along fairly slickly, although the ethos switches suddenly from an amusing exploration of the number of different media on which one can be rejected in today’s technological society to a trite conclusion that spouts self-help clichés. The storyline following the couple as they struggle with their burgeoning relationship does seem out-of-place, particularly as the main trio skilfully embody the frustrations and ecstasies of love, with just enough wit to keep proceedings from slipping into bland sentimentality.

Sweet Grassmarket, 243 3596, until 26 Aug (not 25), 10.10pm, £7.50.

Call Me!

  • 3 stars

Come rejoice with us at the ridiculousness of love! Gorge on hippie love therapist Sandy’s speciality tartlets as you witness cringe-worthy tales of dating woe and relationship calamities. ‘Hugely funny’ ( ‘Perfection’ ( ‘Hilarious’ ( Fed up with their…

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