I Am, I Am (4 stars)

This article is from 2012

I Am, I Am

Highly entertaining slapstick minstrelry from promising troubadour comedy duo

For ones so young it's obscene how much confidence these duelling acoustic troubadours from Cambridge have. With their genre shifting ditties and punning rhymes I Am, I Am are most obviously comparable to The Flight of the Conchords but their very British aesthetic (both ginger, one beefy, the other weedy), love of cock gags and a certain sense of slapstick minstrelsy puts them closer to the early strumming stand-up of Billy Connelly or Jasper Carrott.

Broad gags and a few good songs goes a long way with a very hyped up audience and I Am, I Am seem to be loving it. They clearly haven't got enough material yet and an attempt at Richard Stilgoe style improv song writing doesn't go anywhere much, but these young men are clearly honing an act and developing a brand. These boys are built to last, catch them while you can.

Gilded Balloon, 622 6552, until 27 Aug (not 13 and 20), £8-9 (£6-£7.50).

I Am, I Am

  • 4 stars

Two of Cambridge's favourite Footlights storm the stage for an anarchic hour of late-night musical comedy. No two performances are the same with these rakish troubadours as they catapult through a raucous repertoire of their finest songs. Both celebrated 'lynch-pins of hilarity … comic geniuses' (EdFringeReview.com), make…

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