The Three Englishmen: Squares (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

The Three Englishmen: Squares

Gently amusing sketches could do with more pep to fulfil likeable lads' potential

The Three Englishmen – there’s four of them actually – aren’t blazing a new sketch comedy trail in in this show. But it’s a gently amusing hour with some stand out moments of hilarity, thanks primarily to their musical skills.

The boys welcome us into the venue, shaking hands and chatting as easily as if they’d met us in the pub. It’s a touch that creates a nice, relaxed atmosphere in the audience that suffuses their set too. But while there are some very funny sketches – Tom Hensby’s drunk wine shop owner is particularly good, as is Jack Hartnell’s Elton John routine – there’s an edge and intensity missing to the performance.

Even when the targets are safe, the references don’t always click. A song featuring deliberately bad impressions of famous TV chefs is well pitched, but the impersonations are so bad that half the audience don’t seem to recognise each figure that emerges. That said, none of the sketches fall flat and the foursome are clearly multi-skilled performers, but this show needs a little more pep.

Pleasance Dome, 556 6550, until Aug 27 (not 11), 5.40pm, £9-£9.50 (£7.50-£8).

The Three Englishmen: Squares

  • 3 stars

‘One of the UK's best emerging sketch troupes (Scotsman) return to Edinburgh for a blistering third year after sell-out shows in 2010 - 'A breath of fresh air' ( - and 2011 -'Brilliant' (Times). In their joyously silly and heart-warming style, 'Reminiscent of an updated Monty Python' (ThreeWeeks), The…

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