Marek Larwood: Typecast (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Marek Larwood: Typecast

Pleasing pratfalls from former We Are Klangster

The former We Are Klangster’s solo show is manic and messy. However, Larwood holds it together, and generates considerable laughter, chiefly by dint of his unenviable – and sort of charming - ability to make himself look like a complete pratt while at the same time coming across as a total prick. Indeed, the show begins with Larwood berating the audience for causing his Google self-search to find ‘Marek Larwood retard’. Thereafter, Larwood spends the next 45 minutes attempting to disprove the retard connection by establishing his comedic and dramatic performing chops are good enough to secure him a TV slot. And so we get Larwood performing piss-takes of, variously, a period drama, a stand-up routine, an improv session and a comedy quiz show.

There’s almost too much squashed in here. Larwood’s spot-on deconstruction of an observational comedy routine could very easily be expanded to a show in its own right. But though the show threatens to implode, Larwood brings it back from the brink and triumphs with a truly daft, phenomenally embarrassing climax.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 26 Aug (not 14), 6.20pm, £10--£12.

Marek Larwood - Typecast

  • 3 stars

Marek Larwood is best known as one third of We are Klang, star of Fast and Loose BBC2 and Sorry I've Got No Head, BBC1. This is his debut Edinburgh solo show, in which he will attempt to overcome the stigma of being typecast. Marek is a firm believer and understander of mankind, this show will simultaneously cure all…