Owen O'Neill: Struck By Lightning (4 stars)

This article is from 2012

Owen O'Neill: Struck By Lightning

Evocative monologue that stays with you for sometime after

Yes there's a dry wit in evidence, but comedian O'Neill's latest show sits in the storytelling one-man play camp of his varied oeuvre rather than the stand up. As the lights go up O'Neill springs up out of bed in his jim jams and with a face 'the colour of a baboon's arsehole' recounts how as a 13 year old he had been struck by lightning whilst scrumping apples from the nuns' orchard. The result was a smouldering school uniform, a stammer and stewed apples down his wellies. As well as making him believe he's indestructible it also seemed to set a precedent in his life that every other dramatic event has happened on a thundery night. Against the minimal backdrop of a single bed, table and chair O'Neill brings his characters to life; his cleanliness obsessed mother, the angry, dissatisfied priest and his 'benefactor' Mrs Cunningham. It's an evocative monologue that conjures up a myriad of images in the mind's eye creating an absorbing tale that stays with you for sometime after.

Assembly Rooms, 0844 693 3008, until 26 Aug (not 13), 7.30pm, £10 (£9)

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