Bruce Hammers' Bananapocalypse (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Bruce Hammers' Bananapocalypse

Gloriously chaotic hour that tumbles through fictitious film legend's career

Relative newcomer Mat Ewins 'stars' as Bruce Hammers, 1980's film legend best known for his seminal work the 1982 film Bananapocalypse. That's about as much as you get that's sensical about this show, it's a gloriously chaotic hour that tumbles through Hammers' fictitious career. There's his brief stint as the fourth Doctor Who with a home-made dog companion made of sex aids, an appearance on Desert Island Discs and the time he missed out on an Oscar to his co-star The Bridge – that's an actual bridge...

The highlight here are Ewins' films or rather 'clips' from the eponymous film where Ewins game-fully plays all the parts in different wigs and glasses to explain the banana apocalypse that's been caused by a surfeit or deficit of bananas, or maybe an influx of illegal ones? To be honest we're not sure which. But one thing's for certain at its helm Ewins/Hammers is a charming and endearing presence and the whole piece is full of knockabout humour even if it all makes little sense.

Just The Tonic at the Caves, 556 5375, until 26 Aug (not 14), 3.35pm, £5-£6.

Bruce Hammers' Bananapocalypse

  • 3 stars

Mat Ewins presents a fun sketch/character show about the rise and fall of legendary movie star Bruce Hammers and his 1982 action blockbuster Bananapocalypse. Which definitely was a real film that happened. Discover an actor and style of comedy you never knew existed, but won't be able to forget. 'Never far from a solid…