Catie Wilkins: Joy Is My Middle Name (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Catie Wilkins: Joy Is My Middle Name

Mildly feminist, endearingly self-deprecating and funny

Catie Wilkins is an unusual comedian; she’s shy, she says and as she steps onto the stage blinking she looks like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Luckily for her, she also ‘gets off on peril’ and in a room full of people waiting for her to make them laugh that’s exactly what she’s doing.

Wilkins’ show revolves around names and identity. She takes us through what it’s like to be called‘Joy’ but not be a particularly smiley person, whether where you come in the alphabet determines your success in life and how it feels to be a skinny woman in the voluptuous 50s.

Mildly feminist and endearingly self-deprecating, Wilkins is the kind of stand-up that you’d never expect to start chatting about snaggletooth fellatio and AIDS, but when she does it’s hugely funny.
Her understated style of comedy might seem lacklustre, but Wilkins has something more outgoing comedians don’t: the power of surprise.

Catie Wilkins: Joy Is My Middle Name

  • 3 stars

Did the name your parents chose for you reflect their unrealistic expectations? Hope? Faith? Moon Unit? Catie Joy Wilkins hates smiling. Her middle name makes things worse. Find out what to do if your tooth snags during fellatio, how men created a feminist Swiss Army Knife (basically by adding a sewing kit) plus good news…

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