Ford & Akram (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Ford & Akram

Warm, charismatic show from the bumbling comedy duo

Female duo Yasmine Akram and Louise Ford sit side by side in silence. As the former beams a radiant smile, the latter glares glumly in to the front row.

Embarking on a voyage to fulfill an elderly relative's last request, the show consists of a catalogue of skits in which the comediennes attempt to integrate 'bamp' into the English language. As a word that can mean virtually anything and nothing at the same time, 'bamp' soon falls in to the wrong hands with a succession of unsavoury characters adopting the word and taking it to the streets... via Clinton Cards.

If all this sounds ridiculous then that's because it is. The show owes more to the warmth, charm and charisma of the regularly bumbling performers than it does to a loose storyline that merely provides a platform for the duo to work their magic. Akin to a child's role-play game it is the duo's infectious enthusiasm and ability to improvise around the somewhat convoluted sequence of sketches that makes Bamp such an intriguing spectacle.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, Until 27 Aug (not 13), 3.15pm, £7.50-£9

Colin Farrell's love school

Ford and Akram: Bamp!

  • 3 stars

Ford and Akram are back. Returning to the Fringe following the success of 2011's Humdinger, they present their new show, Bamp - an adventure story told with panache and homemade props. Join them as they perform sketches, sing a bit, possibly dance and do bad impressions of people you don't know (ie Yasmine's mother).

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