Helen Arney – Voice of an Angle (2 stars)

This article is from 2012

Helen Arney – Voice of an Angle

Twee show could profit from more singing and less chat

Science pixie Helen Arney mashes together physics, maths and music in a show that teeters the verge between lecture and gig. She is armed with her trusty ukulele, but it’s not all tacky and twee, as her cutesy ditties are littered with more than a sprinkling of science-y stuff (she has a physics degree, you know?) An interactive video screen behind Arney’s solo spotlight bolsters her geek credentials with Venn diagrams and graphs to which she re-refers throughout the performance to demonstrate her mother’s faltering pride in her career. Steady, jangling tunes about subjects such as making love (literally) like animals and her attempt to sing a googol really are witty and fun, but non-musical sections are unpolished and unoriginal, and the audience is lost to a convoluted portion dedicated to explaining Schrödinger’s cat. In a show shot through with niceness and sweetness, sad to say her patter soon becomes boring. If Arney stuck to singing and ditched the chatter she’d go from likeable to loveable.

Underbelly Cowgate, 0844 545 8252, until 26 Aug (not 15), 6.15pm, £11 (£9--£10).

Helen Arney - Voice of an Angle

  • 2 stars

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