Chris Difford and Norman Lovett: It's All About Me! (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Chris Difford and Norman Lovett: It's All About Me!

Squeeze singer and Red Dwarf comedian in inexplicable team-up

Quite why Chris Difford of highly-successful 70s and 80s pop group Squeeze has chosen to embellish his partial spoken word life story with the presence of miserablist comedian and former Red Dwarf actor Norman Lovett is never explained here, so we can only presume they’re old friends or drinking buddies. In which case, the air of matey self-indulgence with which the show is infused becomes easier to explain.

It is, on many occasions, all over the shop, with Difford’s matter-of-fact but revealing anecdotes about the band’s early days (it was formed when he put a 50p advert in a sweet shop window, even though he couldn’t play a note; he and Jools Holland once inked the words ‘I am a cunt’ on the sleeping John Cale’s forehead in the studio) diluted by the speed with which he races through them and Lovett’s baffling interjections, the only one which appears relevant being a two-minute This is Your Life take off. Thank heavens, then, for Difford and singer Dorie Jackson’s lovely acoustic versions of a range of the band’s classics, including ‘Take Me, I’m Yours’, ‘Up the Junction’, ‘Tempted’ and ‘Cool For Cats’.

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Chris Difford

Ex-Squeeze member Difford teams up with comedian Norman Lovett for big laughs and songs telling the tales of their careers.