The Funeral of Conor O'Toole (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

The Funeral of Conor O'Toole

Compassionate comedy skirting with tedium

Fey, morbid and awkward Conor O’Toole is an unlikely comedian. A noted Goth, O’Toole wants to plan his own funeral and he is after an audience. He leads a curious bunch of punters from Bristo Square to Greyfriars Kirkyard, gets them to settle near some headstones and then drivels on about his deathly plans for the big day. All of which sounds about as much fun as a silent wake, yet there’s definitely something different here.

O’Toole’s delivery and timing are way off centre, his ramblings frustratingly discordant and his songs (played on a stick with a spring on it) are cast in the shadows of the Moldy Peaches and Herman Dune’s quirkier moments.

None of it should work and the show is frankly boring for a significant part of its duration. But by the time O’Toole hands out his rather special little book of stories and cartoons before playing an encore, it’s difficult not to be moved. Conceptual and compassionate.

Underbelly, Bristo Square, 0844 545 8252, until 26 Aug, 7.30pm, £8--£9 (£7--£8).

The Funeral of Conor O'Toole

  • 3 stars

Conor O'Toole, 1991-2012, was/is a particular comedian. He is/was planning his post-demise festivities. Please attend the rehearsal. The procession begins at the location above. The show will take place in a different venue every evening. All ticketholders should meet at the Underbelly Box Office in Bristo Square at the…

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