Jack Jerome's Journey of Life (2 stars)

This article is from 2012

Jack Jerome's Journey of Life

Energetic but ill-fated character

Some comedy creations are just too successful for anyone to even attempt a retread. There will never be another Pub Landlord thanks to Al Murray’s world domination of that character type. In Edinburgh Fringe terms, anyone who comes along with a motivational speaker/life coach act will have Will Adamsdale to answer to. His Perrier win of 2004 with Jackson’s Way pretty much sealed the fate and raised the bar too high for anyone wishing to hit the mark, as Jack Jerome finds here.

With his Journey of Life, it’s too much of a tall order for him despite an energetic performance and relatively non-threatening audience interaction. Unsurprisingly, the DNA of Partridge and Brent have been poured into Jerome’s veins as he wields his various techniques at making all our lives better. With fairly hollow material to work with and few discernible improvisational skills to speak of, he is unable to push through the initial promise. The weight of history as well as a dodgy script are too much for Jack Jerome to bear.

The Tron, 556 5375, until 26 Aug, 2.20pm, £8 (£6).

Jack Jerome's Journey of Life

  • 2 stars

Now what I'm about to say may shock you… I am an actual believer in life! Join Jack Jerome on his Journey of Life! This inspirational piece will very probably change your life! And not just your life. Your entire outlook on the world. Don't miss this opportunity to sit in the same room as the talented and highly original…