Rachel Stubbings is Stubbing Out Problems (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Rachel Stubbings is Stubbing Out Problems

Character comedy based on an agony aunt adept at causing pain

If the words of Rachel Stubbings are to be believed then a combination of charm, people skills and general awesomeness is all that is required to remedy even the most deeply rooted personal torment. And she possess all three. In Stubbing Out Problems, Rachel Stubbings (geddit?) plays the part of a psychologist/agony aunt whose flippant and carefree attitude towards her clients soon evolves into a far darker issue: herself.

The awkward smugness that the comic possesses will chime a familiar chord with fans of The Office, as Stubbings skims briefly between numerous issues, solving each in her own unique way before giving a wry, knowing smile and delivering her tagline, ‘stubbed it out’. Akin to David Brent, Stubbings posses a particular ability to dictate mood with a fleeting facial expression.

Maintaining the audience as an integral part of the show itself whilst incorporating some craftily planted props and clever visual aids, Stubbing Out Problems has much to admire whilst never taking itself too seriously.

Underbelly, Bristo Square, 0844 545 8252, until 27 Aug, 3pm, £8--£9 (£7--£8).

Stubbing Out Problems feat Aisling Bea

Rachel Stubbings Is Stubbing Out Problems

  • 3 stars

Worried your ex is over you? Scared of clowns? Hi, I'm Rachel: a world-class agony aunt, hell-bent on helping people less fortunate than myself (you). Having prevented my parents' divorce and loads of other cool stuff it's clear I have a gift, a healing gift, so I created Stubbing Out Problems, an online agony aunt…

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