The Freewheelin' Cariad Lloyd (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Cariad Lloyd

A shaky start gives way to a turbo-charged character comedy show

Last year’s Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer nominee returns with that ‘difficult second show’ (her words) which, as it turns out, gets off to a wobbly start but ends with the kind of big bang that that leaves one wanting to see a lot more of this wildly talented little firecracker. Cariad Lloyd opens her return engagement at the Fringe with a pretty funny riff on Bob Dylan’s well-known song-lyrics-scrawled-on-white-boards routine.

Thereafter, she sets up the rest of the show by informing the audience that she’s been mis-listed in the official Fringe programme under comedy when what she really wants to do is perform some theatre. The intervention of an officious Fringe official, however, forces Lloyd to play her show for laughs and so she presents a serious of sketches featuring various comic characters.

None of this is ever less than amusing, but the show is a bit messy until she settles into playing her comic creations, among them a foul-mouthed singing cockney, a Scandinavian homicide detective and versions of the actresses Katharine Hepburn and Zooey Deschanel. These vignettes are real mash-ups. Her Hepburn, for example, is cast as a supermarket employee in a skit told in the style of a film noir. What they allow Lloyd to do is take off on a series of stream-of-consciousness rants that prove to be absolutely hilarious and at once really quite difficult to keep up with. It’s as though Lloyd suddenly hit the comedy turbo-charge button and left the audience standing.

In that mode, Lloyd’s line delivery and train of thought is super-fast and utterly unpredictable while her demeanour switches, disarmingly, from charming to psychotic and back again. A full hour of this might be too much. It also could have been a perfect show.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 27 Aug, 4.45pm, £9–10 (£8–£9).

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Cariad Lloyd - The Freewheelin' Cariad Lloyd

  • 3 stars

Foster's Best Newcomer nominee Cariad Lloyd, returns with old favourites Andrew (the child stand-up) and brand new joys - Mrs Lynch (David's mum), Moomin Mama (Scandinavian detective), HSBC (Helena Susan Bonham Carter), Joey Bechamel (new girl) and other bizarre delights, in her follow up to last year's incredible smash…

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