Sulle Labbra Tue Dolcissime (On Your Honey Lips) (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Sulle Labbra Tue Dolcissime (On Your Honey Lips)

Sensual slow-burning dance from Siena

This intriguing piece from Siena-based Francesca Selva Company is a bit of a slow burner. But stick with it and it will reap delicious visual rewards.

Starting with the image of a dove -- part of Giovanni Mezzedimi's multimedia collaboration with the show -- a white noise soundtrack emerges, over which comes a changing score of moods. Baroque music signifies an elegant lean tone to the dance, a French cafe waltz leads to spinning piggy backs, and soft indie tunes see the ensemble fall in and out of duet pairings with different partners.

It is these brief couplings that are the most compelling to watch, the movement drawing them together as if they ache for each other. At times a lone dancer provides counterpoint, exploring gangly and awkward angles with their legs, or crouched down, head lolling.

Costumes of bold block colour that look like splashes on an artist's palette are slowly peeled off as the piece progresses. By the time the final episode comes around the dancers, now in monochrome, have developed a languorous quality that is almost intoxicating.

Zoo Southside, 662 6892, until 27 Aug (not 20), 4.40pm, £12--£14 (£10--£12).

Sulle labbra tue dolcissime

Sulle Labbra Tue Dolcissime (On Your Honey Lips)

  • 3 stars

Evocative dance/video combination about human frailty, born through a collaboration between choreographer Francesca Selva and video artist Giovanni Mezzedimi. Revealing the daily grind veiled by an outward happiness. The object's consistency looks so dogged. Our wardrobe looks to resist all washing. The time looks…

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