The Machine (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

The Machine

Fun show with subtle green message

This is no clever title – there really is a machine in this new show from Little Cauliflower theatre company, and what a machine it is. Occupying a large space in the middle of the stage, the eponymous equipment has clearly been months in the making.

Wheels, tubes, buttons and gizmos stick out here and there, and it’s a fairly safe bet that everyone in the audience – young and old – is longing to see it in action. Little ones get closest to the mechanism, sitting on cushions dotted around the edge of the machine. A few lucky ones even get to go up and press the button.

The two performers are amiable enough, talking to the audience throughout, and throwing in the odd bit of interaction. To say that it’s a show for ages 2+ is a bit misleading though, as it's nowhere near gentle nor simple enough for such a young age group.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 25 Aug, 10.25pm, £6–£7 (£5–£6).

The Machine

  • 3 stars

The Machine travels around the world planting all the trees, the grass and the flowers. This morning it broke down! Two bumbling assistants have been left in charge and they need your help. A madcap piece of theatre for all ages about the environment and chocolate pie. This interactive show offers a chance for everyone to…

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