Michelle Wormleighton - Bewildered (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Bewildered Michelle

Surprisingly neat show by the first time solo performer

If the promising name of the show doesn't tempt you into attending, the note on the flyer surely will: BURRITOS AVAILABLE it says at the back. The performance is a part of Free Fringe, and takes place in cosy settings of Chiquito show room, all of which added attraction factor to the bewildered (apparently) Michelle Wormleighton.

During the show, Michelle presents the audience with very different characters - from slightly hysterical lover of Swarovski and Fun Size Snickers bars to a Black Widow spider. Sketches change unpredictably, some of them consisting of a single phrase (Does this top make my tits look catchy?), and others - fully-fledged monologues. There is no uniting plot line between those, however somehow they fit well together, as essentially they all address the modern obsession with objects and superficial appearance. There are many witty references to popular culture - ads, TV shows and films, but most of them are not too obvious and require some effort from the audience to fully get the meaning of what is happening on stage. The physicality of some sketches is highly amuzing and well done; one can't help but laugh at the crawling spider and club rat dancing away to hot R&B tracks before gulping down a bag of Lightly Salted Tyrrells.

Overall, Wormleighton shows great acting skills, creating an illusion there are actually numerous actors on the stage, one for each of her distinctive personages. It is very apparent that the whole show is, as Michelle says herself, 'meticulously scripted' and thoroughly rehearsed. Surprisingly, it is this exceptional preparedness that lets it down. Rare interactions with the audience fail to add sense of spontaneity and immediacy to Michelle's performance, making it feel like a well-rehearsed play rather than a comedy show. However, such tidiness surely deserves a separate praise, being too frequently overlooked by other - perhaps, a bit more wild, - comedians.

Chiquito, Fri 10 Aug - Sat 25 Aug (except 13 & 20), 18:10 - 19:10, Free

Bewildered Trailer

Michelle Wormleighton - Bewildered

  • 3 stars

Michelle Wormleighton subverts the surreal and theatrical in her massively acclaimed* hit show which has already wowed the promenades of Bognor and Hove. Expertly combining sharp satire and whimsy with a unique brand of compelling storytelling is not Michelle’s strong point. However, the wealth of effort she has put into…

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