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  • 10 August 2012

This article is from 2012

Bad Taste Cru

HipHop dance theatre tells all we need to know about their Fringe show

What are the 5 key ingredients for any hip hop theatre show?
‘Skill, depth, power, originality and, perhaps most importantly, integrity. We try to stay faithful to the fundamental elements of our dance, while expressing a strong sense of concept or narrative in our own way.

What 4 things do each of the four individual members of Bad Taste Cru bring to the crew?
‘Robby brings direction and concept to the crew; P, as the most senior member, utilises his extensive experience in arts management to organise and communicate; Rokas brings skill and an innate understanding of movement to the crew, as well as dedicated character performance; Rob, the youngest member, brings a youthful vibrancy and hunger.’

What 3 words sum up the works you’re bringing to the Fringe: The Mirror, Aftermath and Tribal Assembly?
‘Emotive, powerful, different.’

What 2 things should everybody know about Bad Taste Cru?
‘We are like a family that grew up as friends then as dancers. And because there is no formal education for what we do, we taught ourselves and each other.’

What 1 word describes the experience of watching a Bad Taste Cru show?

Bad Taste Cru: The Council of the Ordinary, Zoo Southside, 662 6892, until 27 Aug, 2.40pm, £12 (£10.


The Council of the Ordinary

  • 3 stars

Mind-blowing hip-hop theatre triple bill by world renowned Bad Taste Cru, fusing virtuosic breaking with physical theatre, emotional narratives and dynamic contact work. Original, emotive, explosive. Aftermath draws upon the company’s experiences of growing up in Northern Ireland and the struggle to exist in the wake of a…

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