Callum Innes: The Regent Bridge (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Callum Innes: The Regent Bridge

Casting light on an Edinburgh landmark

Callum Innes’ first public art commission is easy to miss at certain times of day. Using a simple strip of lights along the length of each pavement under the Regent Bridge, at night Innes’ installation lights up the walls above and casts eerie light and static shadows towards the bridge’s arch.

The nature of ‘The Regent Bridge’, made with lighting artist Gavin Fraser, means it is in a constant state of change and will be experienced differently each time it is seen. At dusk it is subtle, barely there and only just noticeable – a thin layer of colour reminiscent in effect of Innes’ paintings. The light colours change too, meaning the work both contrasts to and other times complements the dark, sinister tunnel and its dripping, dirty walls, which lurk under the impressive bridge above.

Not helped by a delay to its opening due to a manufacturing fault, there is a slight sense of anticlimax to this work – but it still transforms and illuminates the dark underside of this significant piece of Edinburgh’s architecture.

Ingleby Gallery, 556 4441, until 2 Sep, free.

Callum Innes: The Regent Bridge

  • 3 stars

Best known as an abstract painter, Callum Innes works for the first time with light in an installation which floods the dark and dirt-encrusted Regent Bridge with coloured light. Created with architect and lighting artist Gavin Fraser and co-commissioned by the EAF and the Ingleby Gallery. Part of Edinburgh Art Festival.