We Are All Ufo-nauts (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

We Are All Ufo-nauts

Subtly curated exploration of the uncanny

The uncanny possibilities of everyday life thread through this group show at compact warehouse gallery Rhubaba, the manipulation of the real through artistic technique and judicious editing creating a sense of the playfully otherworldly. As the title suggests, the extraterrestrial is, if not a theme, certainly a recurring feature, with Slovak artist Julius Koller’s photographs having fun with a particularly retro UFO iconography: the odd-looking, bearded man, the deserted freeway in the wilderness, the mysterious saucer-shaped object and the frozen look of horror at the unknown (in this case, amidst a greenhouse of Triffid-like plantlife).

The stellar is hinted at in Joe Winter’s hung photocopies of the light from desk lamps and the shimmering dress worn by the woman being rotated from the ceiling like a disco ball in Catherine Payton’s video piece, although Gintaras Didziapetris’ contribution – a sheet of what appears to be wrapping paper printed with a constellation of Photoshop crop tool icons – is perhaps a little too lightweight in concept. The most resonant work in this subtly-curated show, however, is Payton’s centrepiece installation, a gold curtain hung in an impenetrable circle, a Lynchian construct charged with a profound and deliberately frustrating sense of the unknowable.

Rhubaba Gallery, rhubaba.org, until 2 Sep (Thu–Sun or by appointment), free.

We Are All UFO-nauts

  • 3 stars

Works by a group of artists inspired by the late Slovakian artist Julius Koller (1939-2007) to explore methods of navigation unrestrained by logic. Artists include Gintaras Didziapetris and Catherine Payton, plus photographs by Koller himself. Part of Edinburgh Art Festival.

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