People Like Us (2 stars)

This article is from 2012

People Like Us

Clichéd script and static production fails to bring HIV drama home, despite potential of company and plot

Young company Savage Theatre have brought a beast of a play to the Fringe this year. With its harrowing subject matter, tempestuous characters and broken dreams, People Like Us should be a gripping and engaging drama.

Young lovers Simon and Stacey have finally found happiness. But when Simon tests positive for HIV and Stacey thinks she might have it too, their relationship is put to the test as Simon struggles against the disease that is slowly killing him.

What should be a heart-wrenching story is hindered by a clichéd script and an uneventful production. The actors trudge in and out, alternating sides with little variation in lighting, costume or props.

At times the dialogue was barely audible, and the young cast clearly nervous. Despite a valiant attempt and several effective moments, their performance lacked the maturity and experience required to perform material like this.

If marks were awarded for effort Savage Theatre would get an A, but they aren't, and unfortunately this show just doesn't hit the spot.

theSpace on North Bridge, 0845 557 6308, until 18 Aug, 7.40pm, £7 (£5).

People Like Us

  • 2 stars

Stacey had just come out of a bad relationship. She wasn't even looking to date, let alone fall in love, until she met Simon. He promised never to hurt her, but even the most sincere of promises are sometimes hard to keep. People Like Us - a love story. Ages 14+. Savage Theatre.

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