Diane Spencer: Exquisite Bad Taste (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Diane Spencer: Exquisite Bad Taste

Rude and crude, but is it that good?

Diane Spencer is a very rude comic. We know that because she tells us she’s rude, calls her show Exquisite Bad Taste and backs it all up by launching into the most scatological opening 10 minutes seen on the Fringe since, well, probably her debut last year. For those who think that too many male stand-ups bang obsessively on about their members, Spencer is the ideal antidote, and her opening salvo features female masturbation, vibrators and her ‘angry red carpet’.

For those who miss the lewd bravado of Jenny Eclair on the Fringe, Spencer is proving to be a worthy heir. But the feeling persists that beyond the filth, there’s not a huge amount going on. Still, when she’s done with the sex toys and vagina monologue, she can always talk about being in possession of a ginger head. So, we have material about gingers at fancy dress parties, gingers in porn and, just to ruthlessly capitalise a bit more on the regal aspects of her name, how much it would freak out Prince Harry if they got together. But not before too long, we’re back onto the crudity.

The innocent-looking woman saying sordid things routine can only really stretch so far and hopefully Spencer will be able to change tack for her next Fringe assault. She certainly has the warmth, wit and stage presence to do a lot more with her gifts.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 622 6252, until 26 Aug (not 13), 5pm, £10 (£9)

Diane Spencer: Exquisite Bad Taste

  • 3 stars

Reflex. Award-winning comedian Diane Spencer returns with her hilarious new show about perspective. Part autobiographical, all stand-up from a rising star compared to Joan Rivers and Sarah Millican. This is Diane's third Edinburgh show after her wildly successful 2011 show All-pervading Madness. 'Spencer's way with words…

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