Big Sean, Mikey and Me (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Big Sean, Mikey and Me

Local boy's life assessment is blackly comic, heartfelt and ultimately touching

An autobiographical, confessional one-man show written and performed by young(ish) Edinburgh-born actor Ruaraidh Murray, who appeared in the stage revival of Trainspotting (to which text Murray’s show shares some similarities). Taking stock of his life so far, following a breakdown brought on by years of booze- and drug-binging, Murray has written a play that cuts back and forth between his life in London as a hard-working and playing actor and his youthful years as a school kid hanging out with the tough boys and getting into fights with rival Edinburgh casual gangs.

Murray’s breathless, shouty, energetically performed monologue includes, alongside his own alternately cocky, naïve and troubled voice, the voices of two important men in his life: Sean Connery and Mikey, a childhood pal who ended up in prison but who, like the former 007, is a steadying presence in the actor’s head during moments of crisis. Murray’s assessment of his life is blackly comic, heartfelt and, ultimately, quite touching. And his impersonation of the Man Who Would be King is pretty good, too.

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 622 6552, until 27 Aug, 1.30pm, £10 (£7.50).

Big Sean, Mikey and Me

  • 3 stars

EDINBURGH actor Ruaraidh Murray returns home this Festival with his brand new one-man show, Big Sean, Mikey and Me. It’s the story of an out of work actor - Ruaraidh - who, with the help of his imaginary friend Big Sean Connery, tries to survive disastrous auditions and dates with girls. Also joining him in his adventures…

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