Pete Firman: Hoodwinker (4 stars)

This article is from 2012

Pete Firman: Hoodwinker

Hilarious and polished performance from high profile magician

There’s a scene in superlative US sitcom Arrested Development where a magician talks disdainfully about the ‘howdy-do-dats’ – the gullible punters who stare on slack-jawed when a trick is successfully pulled off. Pete Firman is one magician who can not only provoke such a response, but do so again and again in quick succession. There are no tedious answer-written-in-an-envelope shenanigans here – just impressive, well-executed illusions delivered with the same speed and lightness of touch as his surgically-precise one-liners. His finale, involving a magical carton of orange juice, will have you scratching your head for weeks. Now how’d he do that?

Pete Firman: Hoodwinker

  • 4 stars

A regular TV face these days, Pete returns to the stage for a spellbinding mix of comedy and magic.

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