The Magical Adventures of Pete Heat (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

The Magical Adventures of Pete Heat

Genuinely funny anti-magic mixed in with the odd spot of ‘mind-reading’

There are several moments in Pete Heat’s set – the substitution of sliced bread for cards, the cheeky moments where he purposefully betrays the audience’s trust – where you suspect he doesn’t actually like performing magic tricks. Not that he needs to; his ease with a punchline and ability to work a room effectively mean he’s not bound by a monotonous routine of set-up, reveal, set-up, reveal. Certain set-pieces drag on a tad too long – an extended memory test, or some turns involving predicted outcomes – but he pulls it back together with some truly show-stopping energy. On that final note, we’ve got two words for you: weasel hypnosis. Go check it out.

The Magical Adventures of Pete Heat

  • 3 stars

Surreal, irreverent and downright amazing hour of comedy magic from lanky charmer Pete Heat. May contain eloquence, delight and posh woodland creatures. 'Pete scares me. And then there's his magic’ (Rich Fulcher, The Mighty Boosh). Cooler than an ice cube with its collar turned up, Pete's show is a hilarious and genuinely…

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