Alan Hudson’s Not So Secret World of Magic (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Alan Hudson’s Not So Secret World of Magic

A look back at a life in magic is packed with warm reminiscence, if light on tricks

More of a biography-with-tricks than an out-and-out magic show, Alan Hudson’s show is a must-see for any novice magician. Tracing a career from schoolyard sleight-of-hand through kids parties, cruises, weddings and comedy clubs, nice guy Hudson throws in roughly one trick for each chapter in his life, and while this won’t be enough to sate the more ravenous magic-hungry appetites, it is an illuminating look at the not-always-glamorous graft of becoming a professional illusionist. The tricks themselves are often only adequately performed, but it’s Hudson’s well-worn geniality that makes the show – plus the thimble-fingered finale is a joy to behold.

Alan Hudson's Not So Secret World of Magic

  • 3 stars

Alan was too lazy to get a proper job so he became a magician. Was this a mistake … it felt like that sometimes. Quirky illusions and hilarious tales from Alan's magical life, mainly about tricks going horribly wrong. From ITVs Fool Us, 'We loved your act' (Penn & Teller). 'Very funny indeed. He's found a rich seam in…

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