Will Marsh's Ruination (3 stars)

This article is from 2012

Will Marsh's Ruination

Flawed but fearless dissection of the absurd

Britain is in a right old pickle and Will Marsh’s duty is to remind us how just bad things have got. For instance, there’s the problem with men being a bit dim and wholly unfaithful, what to do with having an awful regional accent (Marsh is an embarrassed Brummie) and the dilemmas and complexities abounding with matters of race. You see the problem right there: Ruination starts off with its grand theme and abandons it almost immediately for some club-style circuit comedy.

And Marsh is not bad at this, with a couple of great jokes in his armoury, but when he does veer back to the theme (the inside-out nature of green politics, out-of-control health and safety dogma, our treatment of the old and infirm, bad charity) he shifts from the highly contentious to the glaringly obvious. With his eye for a ludicrous scenario or government policy, if he could name his theme and stick to it, Will Marsh might well have a very good show up his sleeve.

The Caves, 556 5375, until 26 Aug (not 14), 1.20pm, £5--£8 (£7).

Will Marsh's Ruination

  • 3 stars

Britain has broken down and it needs a jump start. Will Marsh has discovered the real causes and salvation comes with shocks. In the time it takes for the average roadside recovery this debut show will deliver inventive ways to recover a ruined nation. Start your afternoon with this unusual look at the world. Witness…

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