Fringe 2012 Bribe of the Week: Thread

This article is from 2012

Fringe 2012 Bribe of the Week: Thread

Runners up include Call Me! and Dracula: Sex, Sucking and Stardom

Our Bribe of the Week won its title through a combination of nostalgia, team-building and being the only bribe that came before our print deadline. Thread is a site-specific performance set in a church hall in the midst of a beetle drive, so it makes sense that we received our own practise kit (complete with retro packaging).

Runners up Call Me! made a very good effort with a rather humungous slice of cake. In fact, it was so massive it fed no less than eight List staffers which, as we all know, equates to about 37 normal human beings. Normally, this would be a winner, but we were still a bit caked out from the Clinton bribe last week.

Finally, the folks behind the tastefully named Dracula: Sex, Sucking and Stardom gifted us with a bag of edible vampire fangs. After chasing each other around the office for roughly 76 minutes, we scoffed the lot, and used the resulting sugar high to catch up on 76 minutes-worth of missed work.

And that was it for this week. Come on people, we know there’s a recession on, but bribery is an integral part of the Festivals, and we’ll be damned if we’re going to see it die out.

If you fancy buying some great exposure for your Festival performance, send some promotional payola to Big Fat Festival Bribe, c/o Niki Boyle, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

Call Me!

  • 3 stars

Come rejoice with us at the ridiculousness of love! Gorge on hippie love therapist Sandy’s speciality tartlets as you witness cringe-worthy tales of dating woe and relationship calamities. ‘Hugely funny’ ( ‘Perfection’ ( ‘Hilarious’ ( Fed up with their…

Dracula: Sex, Sucking and Stardom

  • 3 stars

Last Chance Saloon, celebrated purveyors of Guilty Pleasure Theatre, revamp Bram Stoker’s Dracula with their own brand of the ridiculous to create a slick show of absurd, deft theatre comedy. Follow Jonathan Harker to Transylvania where he discovers the Count’s evil plans and love of all things showbiz. When Dracula…


  • 4 stars

The interweaving lives of three girls living in a Scottish coastal town in the 1950s, brought together at a church beetle drive.

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