We Are Chechens! (2 stars)

This article is from 2012

We Are Chechens!

Grozny’s pain is not Edinburgh’s gain in impassioned but incoherent drama

The demonstration room of the old veterinary school that is now the Summerhall arts centre must be one of the most malodorous and uncomfortable venues on the Fringe. However, there is a certain logic to the young actors of the Lódz Film School presenting their show We Are Chechens! in a place which is accustomed to the blood and guts of animal carcasses.

There is no doubting the sincerity of the company’s moral outrage at Russia’s devastation of Chechnya in the numerous wars which have taken place since 1994. What is in question, however, is the theatrical method – mainly loud screaming, whether in agony or anger, and equally loud singing – with which they express their sympathies.

The piece seems incoherent enough without its confusing combination of poorly spoken, often incomprehensible English and untranslated Polish. Well-intentioned though it is, one can’t help but feel that Vladimir Putin has more to fear from Pussy Riot.

Summerhall, 0845 874 3001, until 13 Aug, times vary, £10 (£8).

We Are Chechens!

  • 2 stars

We explore the behavior of human beings that find themselves in the midst of a gruesome war, with the struggle to make life or death decisions. Should I stay and fight for my country? Should I run away, leaving the ones that I love behind? We are Chechens! was not created to cause a controversy or to provoke, the…

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