Coalition (3 stars)

This article is from 2012


Hilarious, witty and energetic: as entertaining as politics ever can be

The most telling aspect of Robert Kahn and Tom Salinsky’s Coalition is the dedication at the bottom of the programme, citing a ‘special thank you to Nick Clegg, without whom this would have been inconceivable.’

Coalition packs punches; not light, bruising buffs, but full-power haemorrhage-inducing wallops that bring into question the solidity of the current British government and removing any faith that we might have had in the Tory/Lib Dem love affair.

Matt Cooper (Thom Tuck) is the feeble and sycophantic leader of the Lib Dems, desperately trying to muscle in with the big boys as the relationship between his party and the Conservative Prime Minister disintegrates. The cast alone are worth the ticket price, with Jo Caulfield and Phill Jupitus lending further gravitas to an already impressive performance from Tuck.

Hilarious, witty and energetic, Coalition is as entertaining as politics can ever really be. But it has bite behind its bark, choosing political and social issues that would almost be taboo as drama, but that can be publicly explored through comedy.

Pleasance Dome, 556 6550, until 26 Aug (not 13), 2pm, £13.50–£14.50 (£12.50–£13.50).

Thom Tuck as Rt Hon Mat Cooper


  • 3 stars

It's 2014 and Britain's coalition government has only six months left to run. The Conservative Prime Minister and his Lib Dem Deputy haven't spoken for months, the economy’s flat-lined and government MPs are threatening to defect right, left and centre. Lib Dem leader Matt Cooper has to make a series of last, desperate…