Charlie Baker: Freshly Baked (2 stars)

This article is from 2012

Charlie Baker

Flashes of wit do not save show short on good material

Exploding out of the blocks like Michael Mcintyre after a parma violet binge, 'Charlie Baker Freshly Baked' causes the audience members emotions to flitter between moments of slight irritation to sustained periods of downright annoyance. Whilst an overzealous onstage persona is part of the act with Baker identifying his solid and loving upbringing as the source of his unrelenting confidence, it doesn't take long to wear thin.

With much of the shows material being based around Bakers upbringing and personal life it is to the detriment of the performance that such mundane content carries an undertone of deceit. In truth, despite the occasional diamond in the rough, the show fails to strike a chord with the audience and this largely stems from a lack of noteworthy material.

Within the performance Charlie Baker's brief success comes largely as a result of self-degradation during which the comic takes a more reserved approach in presenting his show. Occasional interaction with the audience also shows Baker to have a sharp wit and an ability to improvise well although this is not enough to save a routine that comes up short.

Pleasance Courtyard, 556 6550, until 26 Aug, 7.15pm, £9.50--£11

Charlie Baker - Edinburgh Comedy Fest 2011

Charlie Baker: Freshly Baked

  • 2 stars

Stand-up, compère, jazz musician and winner of Let's Dance for Comic Relief, Baker has a number of strings to his bow and plucks a few of them in this hour of comedy and showmanship.

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